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Punto de encuentro: Plaza Mayor de Albarracín
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Daily Tour

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15 people



About this tour

This guided tour in Albarracín proposes a tour through its streets, admiring its architecture, discovering the rich historical legacy of its inhabitants, as well as its panoramic views and viewpoints. We will explain and talk about its history and architecture, in a pleasant and participatory tone. Civil, religious and defensive architecture come together in a unique urban fabric with a labyrinthine layout and narrow streets.

Our official guides will tell you the history of this beautiful medieval city and its legends with rigor, but in a pleasant and friendly tone. Let yourself fall in love with Albarracín, with its mix of corners full of beauty, fascinating viewpoints, and a rich legacy of religious temples and mansions belonging to important families from the 17th and 18th centuries.

We have other guided tour options with some additions, such as Albarracín Monumental and Albarracín + Casona Plus!, as well as a guided night tour.



  • The architecture of Albarracín
  • Panoramic views and viewpoints
  • Historical legacy


  • Visit in Spanish
  • Pet friendly (dogs)
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours. before
  • Does not include the pass to the Casona de los Pérez y Toyuela
  • Not available in English
  • Pets must remain on a leash



Frequently asked questions

We will begin the guided tour in the Plaza Mayor of Albarracín. You just have to look for the ones in the red shirt.

Yes, up to 24 hours before the visit without any charge. You only need to contact us to notify us so that we can proceed with the cancellation and refund of your visit.

The visit is suitable for dogs. We only ask that the animal does not bother the rest of the group by excessive barking or aggressive behavior. In addition, municipal regulations must be followed regarding the collection of excrement, keeping it tied, etc. For the rest, we provide all the facilities for your visit with a pet.

You can check availability directly in the reservation calendar that you will find on this page. As a general rule, it is usually available every day in the morning at 10:00 and in the afternoon at 16:00, with a duration of 1h30', but there may be exceptions.

If due to a thunderstorm or heavy and abundant rain, snow or ice on the streets, there is fear for the integrity of the group, the guided tour will be suspended or the schedule will be modified. In case of cancellation, of course, the corresponding money will be refunded. Likewise, the company reserves the right to modify a schedule due to weather conditions.

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Punto de encuentro: Plaza Mayor de Albarracín


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From: €6,00
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